Simple steps to heal Office Syndrome

Full-time employees often experience office syndrome having sharp pain at neck and shoulder from hours of improper posture, stress and so on. Some worst case can get migraine too.

Today, we would like to present stretching yoga to ease those syndromes. You might feel a little pain because of stretching, however, after releasing each step, you will feel more relax and light.

First of all, Thank  Khun Hong from Yin-Yang Yoga house at Nakronpathom for this lesson.

1 min for each step. If you feel intolerable pain, please feel free to set off and relax

Step1: Sit on you high feet (please see picture for reference)

Step2: Lean forward while twist your wrists (Fingers facing your body). Try to push your wrist to the floor as much as you can to release the tension from your wrist’s muscle and tendon.

Step 3: Fun is coming. Lol Then, pull our 10 fingers one by one holding 1 min each. Don’t pull too high, just high enough to feel heat at each finger.

Step4: Shaking both hands then we turn our back hand to the floor while fingers pointing to our body. This step, you can lift your hip a bit.

Step5: Staying in the same position, start open and close your left and right hand in the same time. Don’t worry if you can not fully close your hand because your muscle is very stressful.

After finishing the last step, you might feel numb, hard to move your hand for a few second. Shaking hands will be a good idea to let the blood flow. Then, please notice how your neck and shoulder feel, is it a bit lighter and more relax?

This yoga postures are very convenient to do anywhere in a short period of time. Regular practice will help ease your office syndrome. Stay healthy everyone 😊

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