Do my pimples always pop up at the same spot!?
If the answer is “Yes”, there are 5 tips to observe yourself to find out the reasons.

1. Shampoo and conditioner with harmful chemical substances

Some people might be wondering whether it is related? Actually it is directly related! When we wash our hair, of course, bubbles drop on our face, especially the forehead.
Thus, if the hair care products contain harmful chemicals causing skin irritation, acne will definitely appear.

2. Phone

Think about how many times a day or a week that we clean our phone. If the answer is a long time ago or can’t even remember, now you begin to realize that the phone might not be as clean as you think. Accordingly, when you answer the phone by placing it on the face, no need to wonder why the acne is growing. The solution is so simple. Choose the headphone instead

3. Hand to cheek is your favourite position. 

When you are bored, if you slowly move your hand and place it under your chin, that is the problem. Since you cannot wash your hands all the time, and when your hands which touched unclean stuff before are placed under the chin for a few seconds or minutes. Acnes will definitely come, so try your best to avoid touching your face. It is the best way to prevent acne popping up around your chin.

4. Stress 

When you have to finish the project, study for the exam, or feel stressed about something, acne usually pops up more than normal. The reason is that the body produces a lot of the hormone called “Cortisol”. This hormone stimulates sebaceous glands to produce more oil. As we know, too much oil is one of the causes for acne on the face.

5. Face wash products

Some people never observe items that they use everyday for washing their face.
If you use cleansing foam, try wiping cotton on your face again to check whether the foam really helps clean all the dirt from your face. If you can see black spots on the cotton, it means every day that you think your face is clean, you actually sleep with the dirt that accumulates everyday. Even the components, you should read the formula and ingredients because if the skin is sensitive, products containing chemicals that are harmful to the skin such as alcohol, parabens, fragrances are the reason why instead of getting clear skin, acne pops up. Therefore, if you want to feel secure that the product you use can deeply clean the dirt and does not contain harmful substances for the skin, Purifect Micellar Cleansing Water is the answer. Try it and you will know how much it helps decrease the acne and make your skin look better. 

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